Self Hosting

Download and install On-Premise Keestash on devices and/or environment of your choice.

  • From 1 User
  • On-Premise, Community Version
  • Self-Managed
  • Enterprise Capabilities
  • Fully Open Source
  • Community Support
  • x No Priority Support
  • x No Portal Access


EUR 4,99

per user/month

Enterprise, Cloud-Hosted Open Source Password Manager for your Business or Organization.

  • Everything from Community
  • Priority Support (up to 1h reaction time)
  • Email Support
  • Portal Access
  • Custom Consulting
  • Branding
  • Custom/Exclusive Extensions


on request

Get in Touch

Enterprise Edition for Customized Needs and Requirements, to Integrate in existing IT Infrastructure.

  • Everything from Enterprise
  • Customized Needs and Requirements
  • Get in touch with our sales team to get an individual offer

Frequently asked questions

if you cannot find the answer below, please use the contact form or send us an email.

Keestash is an Open Source Password Manager that is protecting digital identity for individuals, families and big enterprise organizations. The main product is a web application for desktops and mobiles as well as clients for different devices with synchronization options. Further, Keestash provides collaboration and integration into existing (enterprise) infrastructures.

Keestash is Open Source, meaning that anyone can download and install it whereever he/she wants. We offer both, enterprise support for on-premise self hosting as well as cloud hosting (by us). Our Family and Enterprise Plans are hosted by us, meaning that you are not responsible for installing, updating and maintaining your instances. For on-premise solutions we provide support options as well as community support.

No one else than you! Keestash encrypts your data and stores them fully encrypted. Only you can decrypt your data which means that they are useless for third partys, even if your instance is hosted by us.

Further, Keestash is GDPR compliant and follows your (custom) privacy standards.

Being open source means whoever wants can audit our source code to make sure it does what it promises. Further, anyone can extend and/or fix issues and contribute to the success of Keestash. Transparency leads to trust of users and customers as well as efficient code and good performance.

There are not much differences. The Community Version is our product which is fully Open Source, meaning that everyone can download, install and contribute to it. Users can optionally book enterprise support without having to host at our servers.

The Family plan is an online Keestash instance for families. Subscribers can benefit from Keestash without the need of running and maintaining a server, what we do for you.

Keestash Enterprise is for small, medium and large companies and organizations, as well as public authorities, universities and much more. We will host and maintain Keestash, provide enterprise support, custom/exclusive extensions and integration into existing IT infrastructures.