Translating Keestash OTS with Dilingual

Dilingual Translation Platform
Dilingual Translation Platform

Today, we are proud to anounce that we successfully translated Keestash OTS to German and Turkish. Back in the days where we launched Keestash OTS as a micro SaaS product, we did not expect that users will demand a translation to other languages. Offering our software in multiple languages allows us to better serve our existing customers speaking multiple languages. With translating our platform to different languages, Keestash OTS will do it’s next step to establish itself as a truly global company.

Challenging with Translating our Platform to different languages

In our talk with Dilingual, we explained what challenges we faced and how we overcome them. While Dilingual is a great platform for translation, we believe in a hybrid model with having machine based translations with manual reviews. This way, we can ensure we serve high-quality translations which leads to happy customers.

Another difficulty was ensuring that the translated versions of our platform remained current while the English version was updated. We used a continuous translation process with manual and automated iterations to resolve this issue.

Finally, we had to think about how to handle the translations’ many cultural aspects. We came up with a solution by collaborating with local speakers who could offer cultural insights and ensure that the translations were appropriate from a cultural standpoint.

What is Keestash OTS?

Keestash OTS is a micro SaaS tool to encrypt and share secret messages, which is secure and encrypted by design. Your secret is encrypted with your password very early in the request flow and each and every bit and byte that belongs to you is stored in our databases using the powerful AES-256 encryption. The encrypted secret can than be shared with others and will expire either viewed once or expired after a given amount of time.

About Dilingual

If you are looking to translate your own SaaS platform, then we recommend using a Dilingual for a combination of automated and manual translation, as we did with Keestash OTS. This will ensure high-quality translations while also allowing you to offer your platform in multiple languages quickly and efficiently.

Dilingual acts as a translation proxy, meaning that it sits between your website and the user, translating the content on the fly. While most of the translations work in an automated way, you still have the ability to edit any content.

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