About Keestash

In our digital world, passwords are essential for almost everything. The internet, for example, provides allmost every service by identifying their users (the most of the time using passwords, but also by sessions and cookies). The companies where we work want also us to authenticate when doing any (critical) action.

One problem about password is it property being counter-intuitive. A safe password that is almost unguessable by humans and machines has to have:

  • a certain number of characters (more = better)
  • at least one upper case
  • at least one digit
  • at last one special character
  • not to be found in a dictionary

To increase the level of security and be really safe, we need to use a password as described above for any service/website we are using on the web.

Password Manager

There is no discussion about that nobody can remnber passwords as described above. Therefore, we use password managers and let them remember for us. Password Managers on the other hand, have a couple of essential requirements, such as:

  • being encrypted
  • only decryptable by the owner
  • secured from 3rd parties

Further, another property that could increase the lead of trust is being Open Source.

Open Source

There are many reasons to open source a (software) project. First of all, “the power of community” will lead up the code quality as well as the quality of co-workers (contributors). People can check the code for vulnerabilities. In case of sensitive applications (such as a password managers), open source is another trust point and is far more accepted than proprietary software. People expect software, for which they have to pay (periodically) to be perfect and work as expected. With open Source users have the chance to extend, adjust and contribute as they went.

This is what Keestash is About

We are aware of the responsibility that creating and maintaining a password manager brings with. We want our customers, users and the community to get back the responsibility of what identify they on the web: passwords. Therefore, we create(d) Keestash.

Keestash will differ from existing solutions. First of all, Keestash is a web application. It will be available via the browser and accessible everywhere with an internet connection. Second, Keestash can be self hosted. Due to its nature of being open source, everyone can download, use and extend Keestash.

Keestash is currently in active development on GitHub. The first stable version will be a minimalist solution. We focus on making the core functionality – storing passwords – available. A lot of features are still in the pipe, but will be covered by releases in the future.

Get in Touch with Us

If you are interested in early beta versions or just want to know about the release date of our first stable version, you can simply register to our newsletter:

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