We are Keestash

We believe that digital identity deserves to be protected according to leading industry standards. We help you to protect the most valuable of your digital identity: your passwords – strong, transparent and open source. Frightfully, many people and organizations are still using insecure and very simple passwords. Therefore, our story actually begins with the digital age.

Suprisingly, in 2019 we realiased that good and powerful password managers were available either for individual devices or from proprietary service providers for a lot of money. Passwords protect our digital identity and we think they really should not be entrusted to those services.

Our solution is a powerful software that should transparently and efficiently generate and store passwords that should only be accessed by those who are designated to do so. Through our open source strategy, we want to create trust and help our customers for whatever they need to protect passwords.

What Makes Us Different
Keestash differs from its competitors

Protecting Passwords

As a vendor of on-premises and cloud solutions, Keestash protects your most valuable data – passwords. Your data is in your data center or – optionally – managed by us, taking into account the most modern and highest standards.

Open Source

We believe in open source. We are convinced that we can improve quality, security and earn trust while building a product community.

Customer Focus

At Keestash, we believe that a transparent development process and clear focus on our customers needs are essential for a better product. We provide a direct access to the support and/or core development teams for happy customers.


We are collaborating with different products and companies: