How Credentials are encrypted with Keestash

Keestash is an Open Source Password Manager with the focus on security, integrity and having access only for people being authorized. Our focus lies on strong credentials which are stored safely and are not going to be compromised.Strong passwords will protect agains brute-force attacks and having one for each account will limit harm when one … Read more

Why Keestash?

We at Keestash see a lot of reasons to create the Keestash project. First of all, Keestash aims to be an open source Password Manager for everyone. Identity: the most important thing in the digital era Everyone uses passwords. Almost every online service we use hosts a profile – our digital identity – for us … Read more

About Keestash

About Keestash In our digital world, passwords are essential for almost everything. The internet, for example, provides almost every service by identifying their users (the most of the time using passwords, but also by sessions and cookies). Our companies, where we work, want also you to authenticate when doing any critical action. One problem about … Read more


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