Password Protection, Simplified with Keestash

Where Advanced Security Meets User-Friendly Password Management

Experience seamless password protection with Keestash, a platform where advanced security blends effortlessly with user-friendly password management. With Keestash, rest assured that your digital credentials are securely stored while still maintaining easy access whenever needed.

Delve into a user-friendly password management experience with Keestash, where advanced security meets simplicity. The user-centric interface of Keestash simplifies the safeguarding of your digital assets, making password management a breeze for users of all technical levels.

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Secure Password Management

Keestash ensures your passwords are not only robust but also stored securely and easily accessible. Embracing secure password management minimizes risks of unauthorized access, keeping your sensitive data safe from potential threats.

Keestash elevates secure password management with its intuitive interface, blending advanced security with user-friendly experience.

Strong Password Generation and Audit

Keestash has strong password generation and audit, ensuring a robust defense against unauthorized access. With Keestash, create complex passwords effortlessly and audit them to maintain a high-security standard.

Opt for Keestash, where creating and auditing strong passwords is a breeze, paving the way for a secure online experience.

Password Sharing, File Attachments and Comments

Elevate your online collaboration with Keestash, where sharing documents, attaching files, and engaging in discussions through comments becomes a seamless experience.

Keestash simplifies online collaboration, making sharing insights, attaching crucial files, and commenting on ongoing projects a straightforward process – all encrypted and secure.

Enterprise Integrations

Seamless enterprise integrations with Keestash, catering to a wide array of (legacy) systems including LDAP, OAuth, SAML, etc. Experience an easy integration process that bridges the gap between modern operations and legacy systems, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Keestash simplifies enterprise integrations, making it your go-to solution for harmonizing operations with legacy systems like LDAP and others. Opt for Keestash, and take the leap towards seamless enterprise integrations, enhancing operational efficiency across the board.

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Integrated User Management

LDAP, SSO or Two/Multi-Factor-Authentication (2FA/MFA)? No problem, Keestash integrates perfectly into your existing IT infrastructure.


Keestash is designed teams and departments to collaborate. Role Based Access and Encryption enables infinite scale.

Security & Auditing

Keestash is secure by design. Encryption, Event Logging, Compliance Reporting and Security Assesments are just some of our security oriented architecture.

Scalability & Maintenance

Whether horizontal or vertical scaling -Keestash grows with your organization and gets first hand vendor support and maintenance.

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