Register (regular version)

The self-hosted version of Keestash is intended for organizations and teams who host Keestash themself. Usually organizations do not offer paid subscriptions for their teams and members, but sometimes provide subscription forms. The following documents the regular registration form and how Keestash behaves for self-hosted instances. You will notice that the regular registration is very close to the registration with SaaS, as you can see here.

Third parties may also want to offer paid subscription – for instance for their customers. While in principal this is possible, payment can not be activated out of the box. Please reach us out if you want to offer paid subscriptions with Keestash.
Organizations may enable LDAP based login for Keestash. If the LDAP app is enabled, administrators can choose to deactivate registration at all. If registration is disabled, registration is not possible and the register form will not be displayed. Read more about LDAP here.

Register Form

To register for Keestash, we need a few information about you. These information are used to personalize the experience with Keestash only and are not used or shared with third party services otherwise. An exception to this rule are payment data: we use the payment data forwarded to us by our payment partners in order to check regularly whether your subscription is valid.

register form

To sign up for Keestash, we need your first and last name, an username that is shown up everywhere, an actual email adress and a master password:

  • First/Last Name: are used on some places to identify you.
  • Username: is usually shown to other users. Must be unique within the whole system. You can not register if the username is already taken.
  • Email Address: is used to send emails within Keestash. Must be unique within the whole system. You can not register if the email address is already taken.
  • Master Password: is used to identify you and encrypt all your data (such as passwords). Your master password must contain at least 8 characters, one number, one lower case and one upper case character. For your own security, we recommend to use a very long password that does not contain any words from a dictionary.

Keestash validates the submitted data and checks for errors. If there are errors found, Keestash will display an error. If the subscription was successfull, Keestash will create the user, but locks it. The user gets an email to confirm the registration:

Keestash Confirmation Mail

The confirmation link is valid for 7 days. The link expires if the user does not activate his account.

Confirmation Page

Once clicked the confirm button, Keestash redirects to the confirmation page. From there on, there are two options:

  • The user is confirmed and can log in

the user gets an email to his email address:

  • The user is not found and login is not possible.

and send an email to the email address used to register.